Barbados- Our Caribbean Regional Office

Now in our 30th year, ANGELS OF FLIGHT CANADA INC. continues to serve travelers around the globe who experience a medical emergency including injury or illness. We support the needs of Healthcare providers, Hospitals, a variety of Government Agencies, Insurers, Businesses, and Families.
As a healthcare based company, our focus is on the detailed co-ordination of our medical transport, including air ambulance, commercial airlines, and ground ambulance services. Our highly trained and experienced Registered Nurse Case Managers/navigators advocate, guide and support those in medical crisis, facilitating their necessary travel requirements.

Building on our long-term relationship with the people of Barbados, we are pleased to announce the opening of our new base of operations in Barbados providing aeromedically trained healthcare professionals and properly equipped air ambulance aircraft to serve the Caribbean Region and beyond. This new base of operations centrally located will provide the ability for complete medical flight co-ordination and flight logistics by providing trained healthcare professionals and properly equipped air ambulance aircraft, to assist healthcare facilities, governments, healthcare providers, individuals, families and insurance companies to move ill and injured persons to treatment or to repatriate anywhere in the world avoiding the long and costly delays that used to occur getting air ambulance services into the Caribbean region.Angels of Flight Canada and Angels of Flight Canada in Barbados provide the latest in aviation, safety training and security awareness operating under the guidelines set out in our ISO 9001-2008 Registration.Relying on the latest communication technologies, you can be assured that your health, safety and well being are our prime concern by maintaining continuous contact with our medical teams and continually tracking the progress of our flights while enroute.

All of your medical data is securely stored electronically, HIPPA compliant and is accessible by our RN Case Managers anywhere, anytime.

Don’t wait until you need our services to give us a call. We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have, provide you with further information about our company or discuss other available options such as our Halo Med-Card, educational programs and training, medical tourism opportunities or our registered Charity and Foundation.