Global 911 International


It Takes a Team

Whether choosing to Relocate to another Province to be closer to family or for treatment, to Repatriate a sick family member back to Canada or to their distant homeland, an experienced and knowledgeable RN led team will help you navigate the complex health and flight systems Globally.

For hospitals and healthcare professionals, this means you do not have to spend days or weeks focused on accessing information regarding medical flights, airlines, ground transportation and healthcare facilities in another province or country along with navigating time zones.

Recognizing barriers that could delay the time sensitive transfer across borders, reduces the amount of time spent communicating with family and many key principals to safely move your patient. From passports and travel visas to financial concerns, our navigators consider every medical and travel requirement to meet the individual patient’s needs.

For you, your family, your employee, businesses and government agencies, it means having an advocate focused on your needs every step of the way.

As a health care based company, we have one mission and that is to safely move you, your family member or your patient to their Global destination. We have been doing this for 29 years and employ highly experienced and knowledgeable Aeromedical Registered Nurses who understand the system and its risks. Having one of them by your side can make the difference in relation to both a successful outcome and reduced financial burdens.

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