The Process


  1. Contact Us
    This is where it starts. Feel free to peruse our website to learn more about us and what we do. Then, when you’re ready to learn more and to start the process, please fill out the online contact form or call us at 1-800-563-7686 (Toll Free in North America) or 705-743-5433.
  2. Initial Information
    After you contact us, one of our RN medical tourism specialists will contact you to collect more information. This will include finding out more about what procedure/treatment you are interested in and what destinations you have a preference for. We will also collect your past medical history, list of current medications, physician contact information and other pertinent medical data.
    This is a chance for you to ask for more information and find out what to expect. You can ask how we research medical providers for you and how they ensure that you will receive the highest level of care available.
  3. Detailed Interview
    Depending on the complexity of your needs you may be contacted by a licensed physician to discuss your case further.
  4. Research
    Once we have your information and understand what your preferences are, we get to work. We will go through our meticulously selected contacts and identify physicians with the credentials to provide the best quality healthcare for what you need. Each of the facilities and physicians we have on our approved list has been investigated to the best of our abilities. This includes confirmation of internationally recognized accreditation, longstanding demonstration of dedication to quality and personal care, training or affiliation with re-known medical centres of excellence around the world. In addition, our Medical Director personally visits many of these facilities and physicians. This is an example of the research that we’ve done to ensure that you get the best possible healthcare from any one of our approved specialists and facilities.
  5. Choosing From the Options
    As part of our responsibility to you, we will provide you with choices for you to choose from whenever possible. We do not endorse one particular specialist over another. We provide you with all the information we have regarding the chosen facilities and specialists and the decision is yours to make. You are welcome to request to contact these physicians to speak to them directly.
    You may also take into consideration the country and tours available depending on your particular situation.
    Once you have chosen your physician and destination we will attain an all inclusive quotation for the cost of the services you require. This comprehensive quotation will include many aspects of your travel and healthcare, from the time you leave home to the time you get back. With respect to the cost of the procedure and follow up care we do what we can to quote a price that includes the most common potential additional expenses such as extended hospital stays. Potential additional expenses are also explained when possible with discussion with the physician. The more information we can provide you the better. We don’t like surprises and neither should you.
  6. Collection of Medical Documents
    A large part of our service to you is to collect the necessary medical information and then send it to the physician you have chosen. We facilitate the entire process while respecting your privacy. We use encrypted email as well as proprietary software accessible only by designated medical individuals involved directly in your care.
    We also facilitate discussions between your local physician and the physician abroad.
    If needed, a form will be sent to you to sign for release of medical information. This is to allow us to collect your medical information from your family physician or specialist, such as test results and consultants’ notes.
  7. Arrangement of Logistics
    While the medical information is being exchanged, we immediately start working on land and air transportation arrangements, hotel and lodging bookings, as well as any other concierge services you require. This includes tours and other leisure activities.
  8. Arrival at Destination
    Upon arrival at your destination you will be met by an English speaking (or other language of your choice) escort. Typically this one person or company will be responsible for all of your prearranged transportation to and from your lodging/hotel, physician and test appointments, hospital/clinic and for pre-arranged tours. Your escort will be your personal guide while in your destination. They are at your disposal to assist with whatever you require while away from home. Some will provide you with a local cell phone for your use. Attention to detail matters.
  9. Procedure
    On the day of your procedure, your family at home or those with you will be kept up to date with the process and how you are doing, either by our office in Canada or by our partners where you are having the procedure.
  10. Recovery
    Depending on the procedure, your recovery may include a stay in hospital. You will not be discharged until the physician is comfortable with how you are doing. There is no pressure to discharge you like there would be at home. Once discharged you may or may not spend some time recovering at your hotel. During this period you will be followed by visiting medical staff and/or your escort who will correspond with the physician and our office.
  11. Return Home
    Once your physician clears you for travel home we will confirm all travel arrangements for your safe trip home. Once home, we will continue to follow up with you and will facilitate the transfer of necessary medical records to your family physician or local specialist to facilitate a smooth transfer of care. Should any questions or issues arise, correspondence with the physician who performed the procedure may be arranged. They will work with your local physician to deal with these issues. Rest assured, our commitment to you does not finish when you get home. This is important because the post care period is just as important as the procedure itself and for our own quality assurance.