2017 – Qualified and recertified for updated ISO 9001:2015

2015 – Introduced HALO MedCard Membership

2010 – Developed Medical Tourism division, Angels Global Healthcare

2010 – Launch of Exodus Studies, E-Learning site for Exodus Academy of Air and Medical Studies

2008 – Qualified and recertified for updated ISO 9001:2008

2007 – Founded Global Angel Charitable Organization

2007 – Hosted our first International In-Flight Safety Conference held at Kingsbridge Conference Center in King City, ON.

2006 – Opened office and land base in Newmarket to service the hospitals in York Region with a staff of paramedics, nurses, firefighters, and support workers

2003 – First air ambulance company to achieve ISO global standards. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a global, nongovernmental standards for quality management systems designed to increase operational efficiency and clinical quality, while decreasing risk and liability to the organization.

2003 – Opened office and land base at Oshawa Municipal Airport to service Durham Region hospitals and the airport.

1995 – Conception and establishment of Ambu-lans, a non-emergency patient ground transportation company with medically equipped vans primarily established to ensure timely arrivals and departures to and from airports. Now services private calls throughout Central and Eastern Ontario.

1993 – Exodus Academy of Air and Medical Studies was launched which added a component to our education program on travel medicine.

1991 – An office at the Toronto Island Airport was opened and bases were set up in Timmons, Sault St. Marie, Dryden, and Sudbury

1991 –Safety and survival skills tested three times in one year with Ontario air ambulance accidents involving Angels of Flight nurses.

January 1990 – Signed the first contract to work directly with Ontario hospitals to coordinate air ambulance flights and supply flight registered nurses within the province.

1989 – Implementation of a flight nursing program for nurses flying on air ambulances and commercial airlines. The program covered flight physiology, pathophysiology, preparing patients for flight, introduction to aviation, high altitude training at the School of Operational and Aerospace Medicine (Downsview), in-flight safety and wilderness survival. A water survival program, specific to those involved in a “ditching accident” (designed and taught by Carole Courneyea, Lifeguard and Nursing student) was added to the nursing program also that year.

January 13, 1989 – The first air ambulance flight took place from Peterborough, ON to Boston, Mass. With two trained Flight Nurses on board, Elaine Hartwell and Gail Courneyea. This was the start of our international flying which continues to grow to this day.

December 8, 1988 – Gail Courneyea, critical care RN founded and incorporated Angels of Flight Canada Inc to offer specialized patient transportation service