AGHC – About Us

About Us
Angels Global Healthcare, formed in 2010 to facilitate safe and reliable access to medical services
worldwide, offers personalized medical tourism services. Angels Global Healthcare is a division of Angels
of Flight Canada Inc., with over 22 years experience providing air ambulance and medically escorted
commercial flights to and from 104 countries throughout the world. We are ISO 9001-2008 certified and
adhere to global “best practice standards”. Angels Global Healthcare is a member of the Medical
Tourism Association and is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.
Our goal is to be a trusted medical tourism facilitator for our clients with a comprehensive concierge
package and a seamless combination of medical travel and tourism from start to finish. We offer access
to a variety of procedures provided by facilities in various countries, each of which has been researched
and evaluated by Angels Global Healthcare staff. We look into the accreditation and affiliations of the
facility and their physicians as well as their quality assurance methods, including such things as infection
control. We provide information on facilities and clinics that we have confidence in. Each has
demonstrated years of the highest quality of healthcare available and attention to patient comfort.
We facilitate clear communication avenues between foreign and local physicians to ensure all relevant
information is corresponded. This is done through the use of encrypted file transfers and proprietary
protected software which contains your medical information allowing access by only those authorized to
see your files. This expedites the entire process and ensures that your physicians are up to date and can
follow your progress even after you return home.
As a leader in Canada for international medical transfers we specialize in all of the logistics details. We
will organize all air and ground transportation, travel visas, negotiated hotel accommodations,
assistance from a local English speaking company representative and of course, local attraction
Angels Global Healthcare evolved to provide any person, anywhere in the world, access to safe,
affordable and quality global healthcare. Our experience with medical travel logistics and our diligence
to research safe global healthcare options are necessary resources for the individual travelling for
medical or dental purposes. Our satisfaction lies in each client’s safe and successful trip.
Why stress over details when we’ve already done the leg work for you. Let us offer you peace of mind
and let us take the stress away from trying to organize everything on your own. Contact us and see why
we’ve been trusted for over two decades.