Air Ambulance Service

What is an air ambulance ? An air ambulance is an aircraft configured, staffed and equipped to respond, care for, and transport a sick or injured person. They are approved or licensed for the Medevac/Air Ambulance service.

Selecting the right Air Medical Transport service with the appropriate Medical Team could be one of the most difficult decisions you may ever face in your life.

Air Ambulance Partners locations. We have a network of air ambulance partners that may be located in close proximity to the patient which cannot only reduce costs but improve response time.

A Coordinated Approach to Safety & Quality Care

  • An air ambulance medical team includes two personnel who are experienced, critical care flight nurses, respiratory therapists, nurse practitioners, and paramedics.
  • Mission personnel levels are determined by the nature of the mission based on clinical status, anticipated complications, safety and other factors.
  • Our medical director supports nursing and care process, procedures and directives.
  • Each air ambulance includes two licensed pilots

We make all the Arrangements including:

  • Medical flight plans are coordinated
  • Ground ambulances arranged
  • Air ambulance → all clearances obtained and travel documents reviewed
  • Itinerary provided to all concerned parties
  • Our RN flight case managers continue to track the entire medical mission from the departure location to arrival at destination
  • Updates & reports during the entire transfer process to family and facilities.

Our air ambulance history goes back to 1986 when we were introduced to medevac in Canada as Intensive Care and Emergency Room Registered Nurses providing critical nursing care in Ministry of Health operated air ambulances. The nurses’ experience led to pioneering the specialization of medical evacuation and intra-facility transportation both in Canada and around the world. Today, our nurses continue to receive specialized education in air medicine and flight safety programs developed more than 25 years ago by our own flight nurse leaders and aviation specialists. As information & requirements change, so do our programs. Continuous learning is a requirement for our medical teams.