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Help us fill our “Pail” for charity and you will be entered into a draw for great prizes.

       NOVEMBER 12, 2016 – DECEMBER 16, 2016         aof-ad-for-pails-nov-12-16

Across Canada, there are a growing number of families confronted with unexpected medical challenges where they are geographically distanced from care facilities and their transportation needs are out of reach because they lack the financial means to cover those expenses. As families,  health care institutions and their staff struggle to cope with the growing need, we continue to support the Registered Charity, Global Angel Charitable Organization that provides funding for medical transportation, which frequently are the complex medical cases.

Frightened, overwhelmed, feeling desperately alone, families are helpless without receiving financial assistance to get to where they need to be.  It is an alarming situation.  While precious time is being lost, many patients simply cannot afford to wait for donations through crowd funding. Not only does your donation assist families but also helps with “freeing up” hospital beds across Canada.

Donate directly in person or phone our office to fill our pail or virtually through this link..

Note: Each donation gives the donor entry ballots for our draw prizes. The draw will take place on December 16, 2016 @ 11:00 HRS.

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