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25 Years Medical Services

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Get Your HALO!

What is HALO?

HALO is a global healthcare navigation service that connects your vital data with medical professionals worldwide in case of illness or injury. You have unlimited access, 24/7 to HALO nurses that provide immediate support and works with or without health/travel insurance. Travellers of any age and medical condition are accepted!            The HALO Difference




Our Services

Medical Flight Coordination Center
Medical Escorts for Airline Travel
Education & Training Exodus
Case Management and Consulting                   Wellness Tours               

New! HALO Care Membership

News Updates

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What BI staffers never travel without


  You or a family member suffer a
  medical situation while away...our
  medical case managers teams
  are ready for your call 24/7.  

Need a medical escort to assist you on your trip  
or to attend an event?  
We can help you with that!   

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